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Texas School Claims Woman's IUD Bleeding Caused By Anxiety

Parents in Saginaw, Texas, are outraged because Kourtney Glaser, assistant principal of Comanche Springs Elementary School, was placed on leave.

Glaser found herself bleeding during a school-related training session on Jan. 28. The bleeding was caused by an IUD inside her uterus.

Glaser had the IUD removed, and was able to return to work, but school officials didn't believe her story even though she had medical documentation.

"They sat me down and told me that they didn't believe me," Glaser told News 8. "They thought I had an anxiety attack."

According to the Dallas Observer, Karen Duke, the school district's Director of Secondary staffing, sent Glaser a letter on Feb. 11 that read:

As you were being driven to your campus, you reported to the Director of Elementary Services that there was so much blood that it looked like a crime scene. It has also been reported where there are other occasions where you must excuse yourself because of female bleeding due to severe anxiety ... After some time in the restroom, you were found in the hallway crying ... Additionally, you have indicated to your direct supervisor that you cannot speak in public groups. You stated that when you do, people do not have heads.

The letter also said that Glaser won't be allowed to speak to public groups, must go to two physicians (gynecologist and psychotherapist) and allow the school to access her medical records.

In response to the incident, several parents spoke out at a school board meeting on Monday and have started an online petition that calls for an investigation of school administrators.

Sources: News 8, Dallas Observer
Image Credit: Tim Patterson


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