After Being Bullied As A Child For Her Appearance, Miss South Texas Looks Like This Now

Texas resident Keli Kryfko is racking up beauty pageant wins these days, but her life has not always been this way.

The current Miss South Texas winner weighed well over 200 pounds in middle school and wore a size 24 dress. After being referred to as “the fat girl” one day after failing a Physical Education test, Kryfko knew she needed to make a change.

“I had to take a fitness test in P.E. class, where I not only failed it, but I ended up getting a zero on it,” she said. “I went to the locker room and, hoping no one would notice, I heard some girls saying, ‘Can you believe the fat girl couldn’t do any of it?’ I knew that’s not what I wanted my definition to be anymore.”

From that time on, Kryfko started exercising regularly and gave her diet a complete overhaul. The first thing to go? Soda.

“I decided that I needed to make a change and I started by kicking out Dr Pepper which I always say was my toughest break-up to date,” she told CBS Dallas – Fort Worth.

From there she used common sense and cut out or reduced her intake of fried, sugary and processed foods. Within one year she lost 70 pounds, and she is now lost a total of 100 pounds. Here are her before and after photos:

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Since shedding the pounds, she has won three regional Texas beauty pageants and has her sights set on the Miss Texas contest this July.

Justin Murphy is a trainer with Uptown Energy Fitness and is currently training Kryfko for the pageant. He says losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Here is his advice on how to lose weight the healthy way.

“You want to lose one pound a week, that’s a healthy range,” Murphy added. “Shoot for six small meals a day. Focus on getting protein in every meal.”

Aside from her pageant work, Kryfko hopes to one day get into motivational speaking and share her story.

“It's really important to make time to love yourself and to compliment yourself,” she says. “Giving yourself permission to feel good in your skin, where you are.”

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