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Texas Mom Angered Over School Ban On Sunscreen

Sunscreen is banned from use by a Texas school district, which doesn't sit too well with the mother of a student.

Christy Riggs wanted her 10-year-old daughter to bring sunscreen along on a field trip that would involve over six hours of sun exposure.

Her concern for her daughter’s health was waylaid because the North East Independent School District has a ban restricting students from bringing sunscreen to school or on field trips.

It is considered by the school district to be a toxic substance, reports The Huffington Post.

“The school wants us to lather our kids up in sunscreen before school, but when they’re outside all day or swimming, they need to be reapplying every couple hours,” Riggs told ABC News.

Riggs’ daughter suffered from a sunburn after the field trip—something she had previously avoided for years because of diligent sunscreen use.

“Our family has very pale skin, and my father actually passed away from skin cancer earlier this year,” Riggs said. “What sort of message is the school sending when they tell us to leave sunscreen at home?”

Allergic reactions to sunscreen is one of the reasons school district spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor gave as to why the ban on sunscreen exists.

“We don’t want students sharing sunscreen,” Chancellor said. “If students get it in their eyes or react badly to the sunscreen it can be quite serious.”

If student’s require sunscreen at school or on a field trip, they must have a doctor’s note because it is viewed to be like medication.

“If there are extenuating circumstances,” Chancellor said, “students are welcome to keep sunscreen in the nurse’s office and go there to reapply.”

Riggs believes the school policy needs to be changed.

“I’m not saying all children should be required to bring sunscreen,” Riggs said. “But skin cancer is on the rise and reapplying at school shouldn’t be an issue.”

Chancellor said the sunscreen ban will be reviewed at the yearly meeting and the policy could be revised.


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