Texas Man Jered Ragon Leaves Prison, Protests Abortion

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Jered Ragon of Burleson, Texas, is used to resorting to extreme measures to get his point across. Prosecuted for trying to blow up a church in 2007, Ragon and his team are now on an anti-abortion mission, marching outside local high schools with graphic posters in hand.

Ragon’s group, Abolish Human Abortion, tried out the usual tactic of protesting outside abortion clinics, reported the Dallas Observer.

The results, which Ragon shared through a series of YouTube videos, were slim. The first time, they showed up well before the clinic even opened and only succeeded in haranguing one group of women who did not appear to be heading to abortion appointments.

Calling his new effort “Project Re-education,” Ragon and his team stand on the public right-of-way outside high schools in North Texas with their protest signs. They have been to four high schools as of Wednesday.

Explaining the “Abolitionists’” mission on their Facebook page, Ragon wrote:

“People have traditionally referred to counseling outside the abortion ‘clinics’ as being on the ‘front lines’ in this culture of death. Abolitionists disagree.

The abortion “clinic” is the Final Line in the day-to-day battle, but there are many other places where young souls can be reached with the truth, justice and mercy of God long before they find themselves stumbling to the slaughter.

Chief among these is the public high cchool.

Ragon, 18 at the time, was one of a team of four, including one underage boy, who tried to detonate a bomb at Victory Family Church in Burleson in July of 2007, the Cleburne Times Review reported.

The deacon prevented them from detonating the device, which the police then found propped against the church door.  While investigating, the police got a call about a fire a few miles from the church.

According to reports, Ragon has run into the woods to destroy the evidence of his Molotov cocktail, dousing the handmade explosive with gasoline while inadvertently standing in a puddle of gasoline himself. Ragon was wearing sandals.

After being treated for burns on his feet at the Burleson Police Department, Ragon and his partners in crime admitted to being involved in a religious group that made the bomb.

The case was later taken to the federal court. Ragon served 15 months in federal prison.

Sources: Dallas Observer, Cleburne Times Review


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