Zachary Russell Films Wife Giving Birth While Driving to Hospital

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A Texas father gave new meaning to multi-tasking when he filmed his wife giving birth while driving her to the hospital. 

As these things tend to do, the video has become an immediate sensation on YouTube. It was taken Friday by Zachary Russell, who was driving his wife Jennifer to the hospital from their home in Waxahachie, Tex., after her contractions started, according to the New York Daily News.

Jennifer realized about 15 minutes later that the baby was coming early.

“By the time my water broke, I pushed once, and she was out,” Jennifer told ABC News.

Zachary had one hand on the wheel. He used his other hand to aim his cell phone camera at his wife.

“I just kept making sure the frame was good and that I was staying on the road,” he said to ABC. “I’m surprised I did real well!”

The video shows a calm Jennifer in the passenger seat. She uncoiled the baby's umbilical cord during the drive as well.

The newborn, Willow, is a healthy baby, according to ABC. For nostalgic purposes, the couple now plans to keep their car until Willow can drive.

“It has to be her first vehicle so that she can tell everybody, ‘Hey, I was born right there!’ ” Jennifer told reporters.


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