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Texas High Schooler Says Staff Failed To Protect Her From Attack (Video)

A Texas student and her family are fighting back against her high school after they allegedly did nothing to protect her from an attack.

Tony Driver, 15, got a threatening text message Thursday morning from a former friend telling her to “watch her back.” When she went to show the principal, she was turned away. Later that day, the same girl attacked Driver in a fight that was caught on video.

According to Driver, she was standing in the hallway talking with friends when the girl came up behind her, tapped her on the shoulder and said, “I told you to watch your back.” The two then engaged in an all-out brawl, some of which was caught on video. At one point, Driver was on the ground when her attacker used the opportunity to kick her in the face.

The video also shows a custodian watching the fight take place without attempting to interfere, which also angered Driver and her family.

Driver sustained bruises and scratches in the fight, as well as a citation and a suspension because she hit the girl back.

“Even though she hit me first, because I hit her back, it was the same punishment for both of us,” added Driver. “The principal told me, he was like, why didn’t you just walk away?”

Driver’s mother Quita argues that it was impossible for her daughter to just walk away, as the video confirms, because the other girl was full-on attacking her daughter.

“When you’re hit, it’s a natural reaction, you’re going to defend yourself,” said her mother Quita Driver. “It’s very upsetting, and then made to feel like you’ve done something wrong.”

The fight occurred at a high school in the Magnolia Independent School District in Texas, and though the school would not comment on the incident, officials said they are investigating the matter.

Sources: Daily Mail, KHOU


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