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Texas High School Athlete Joshua Ramirez, 15, Dies After Hit With Discus

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An otherwise healthy 15-year-old high schooler died after getting hit in the hip with a discus during warm ups for a track and field event.

Joshua Ramirez was stretching before a competition at Plainview High School in Houston, Texas, when a stray discus hit him in the hip on March 8. An athletic trainer initially checked out the injury and did not determine that any serious damage was done. He instructed Ramirez to go to the hospital if there was increased pain.

Two days later, Ramirez was still experiencing pain, so he went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a bruised hip and released. But two days after that, Ramirez began to feel intense pain in his hip and was taken to the emergency room and admitted into intensive care.

Five days later, on March 17, Ramirez tragically died from unknown complications.

According to his family’s obituary, “Josh was born Feb.10, 1998, in Hereford, to Joshua John and Alma Silva Ramirez. He loved his Lord and his family.”

He leaves behind his parents and three siblings: a brother, Isaac Ramirez; and two sisters, Teresa Ramirez and Krystal Ramirez.

“He never complained,” said Saul Tarango, a family friend, to KAMR-TV. “He was that kind of kid.”

Hereford Independent School District, where Ramirez attended high school, released a statement following his death.

“Hereford ISD is deeply saddened at this loss,” the statement read. “We understand that Joshua was a great kid in and out of the classroom. Staff and students alike are heartbroken for the Ramirez family and our loss of a student and friend.”

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