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Texas Girl Sneezes Up To 12,000 Times A Day (Video)

Katelyn Thornley, a 12-year-old girl in South Texas, claims that she sneezes up to 20 times per minute, which is about 12,000 times every day (video below).

Thornley told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth:

It just started, like, in little spurts, like, I just, you know, started sneezing. I thought it was, like, "Oh I’m allergic to something." I’m constantly in pain with, you know, my abdomen, and my legs are hurting because I’ve been weak and I can barely eat.

Thornley started the repetitive sneezing about a month ago, and is not able to go to school. She has been examined by six doctors, who do not believe the sneezing is caused by allergies or a virus.

The only time Thornley stops sneezing is when she falls asleep with Benadryl and the Beatles.

Dr. Mered Parnes, a neurologist from Texas Children’s Hospital, examined Thornley at the request of Fox26 (video below).

“So, one of the things it could be and that it looks quite a bit like, are tics,” Parnes told the news station. "And tics can frequently, tics are brief, repetitive stereotyped movements and vocalizations and, that sort of, those parts of her presentation kind of fit."

Parnes recalled that Thornley described funny feelings in her nose before she starts sneezing, which can also be a sign of tics.

Parnes added that medications can be used to treat tics.

(Note: Doctor interview begins at 3:45 mark)

Sources: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, Fox26 via YouTube / Photo Credit: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth Screenshot


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