Texas Ebola Patient’s Family Reportedly Tried To Leave Apartment After Being Told Not To


The family of Texas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan allegedly tried to leave their residence after initially being asked not to go anywhere. In response, per ABC, officials have ordered that they be quarantined.  

According to Judge Clay Jenkins, the quarantine directive was the direct byproduct of “violations of the request to not leave their premises.”

Duncan, 42, is currently in an isolated unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas. He initially stayed with his family upon arriving in the United States, but as his symptoms intensified, he sought out treatment.

Everyone with whom Duncan has had any direct or indirect contact since coming into the U.S. is currently being tracked by authorities. As of Thursday, officials believe he came into contact with 100 people before -- including children -- before being properly diagnosed.

For now, everyone seems to agree on one thing: Duncan’s family and anyone who lived with him needs to stay inside.

"We have delivered several days of food to those people in that apartment,” Jenkins said at a press conference. “Those people in that apartment are part of Dallas County and they are going to be treated with the utmost respect in this unusual situation.”

Sources: ABC, USA Today


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