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Terry Achane Wins Custody of Daughter, after Ex Wife Gave Her Up for Adoption, Without his Consent

Terry Achane has won back custody of his 21-month-old daughter after his ex-wife, Tira Bland, placed her with an adoptive couple, Jared and Kristi Frei, without telling him.

Judge Darold McDade ordered the Freis to return her to him within the next 60 days.

Judge McDade condemned the Adoption Center of Choice for refusing to give any information to Achane nearly two years ago when he learned that his daughter had been adopted without his consent, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Freis, who already have six children, have been fighting to keep custody of the baby, whom they named Leah. They plan to appeal Judge McDade's ruling.

Kristi Frei wrote on the family blog: "We have not lost our conviction that we are in the right!!!!!!' We have only ever wanted to do right by Leah, and have always felt we have been acting in her best interest to keep her with our family and raise her as our own. Our hearts have demanded it — there has never been any question to us that she is OURS!!!"

When Achane left his pregnant wife, Bland, in Texas for a new job in South Carolina, she signed over their unborn baby to the Freis in Utah in 2010.


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