Dying Woman Warns People About Tanning (Video)


A Washington state woman is spending her dying days warning people about the dangers of tanning (video below). 

Ashley Trenner reportedly began tanning when she was just a teenager. What began as a hobby soon blossomed into a full-blown obsession as Trenner became addicted to tanning, reports Little Things. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV light increases the release of chemicals that generate feelings of well-being, which can lead to addiction. Trenner said she believes she grew dependent on the endorphins provided by the UV rays. She also said that she simply looked better when she was tan. 

Trenner reportedly thought she was immune to the harm that tanning could cause. 

"I used to say, 'I don't care if I die from tanning, as long as I die tan,'" Trenner told King 5 News. "I used to say that. I don't think that way anymore." 

Trenner developed a lesion on her body which she ignored, Little Things notes. Eventually the lesion grew to be so painful that she couldn't ignore it. Trenner went to the doctor and was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 33.

She was eventually confined to a hospital bed, in too much pain to move or even smile. Having been given a terminal diagnosis, Trenner said she is at peace with cancer -- it is tanning that she still wants to fight.  

She said she is using her final days to warn others of the dangers of tanning.

"If there's one person's life I can affect, then that's a beautiful gift that I can give somebody," she said, according to Little Things.

She also said that cancer brought her closer to her parents, a relationship she told King 5 News she would not change "for anything."

Boredom Therapy reports that Trenner passed away shortly after the video below was released in 2014.

Sources: Little Things, Boredom Therapy, King 5 News via YouTube / Photo Credit: Skin Cancer Foundation via Little Things

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