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Terminally Ill Sherri Muzher Wants to End Life, Donate Organs (Video)

Sherri Muzher, who is terminally ill, wants to end her life so that she can donate her organs to other people.

The 43 year old was diagnosed at age 27 with multiple sclerosis (MS), which causes the immune system to attack the body's central nervous system.

Muzher is unable to walk and can barely talk, but wants to regain control of her life by choosing when she will die (video below).

While she can't donate her damaged lungs, Muzher could give away her kidneys, liver, heart and other organs.

"I would rather help give life to others while my organs are still viable. It is my reality. I'm getting weaker. Weaker muscles on my talking, everything. This ultimately brings reality home," Muzher told from her Flat Rock, Michigan home.

"It is a lot of loss... loss with advanced MS. It's a grieving process, because you are losing your independence gradually."

"I'd rather still be useful and help, rather than waste away and not be able to help. What will give me joy is to know I left a legacy of giving life to others," said Muzher.

However, physician-assisted suicide is only legal in Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Montana, not Michigan.

Lance Gable, a law professor at Wayne State University, told My Fox Detroit: "I think that it's possible [a law could change in Michigan], but it's something that in Michigan in particular is going to be very controversial given our history with Dr. Kevorkian."

"Her motivations seem to be very heartfelt. She wants to both control her own destiny and also to help other people, and I think that's a very compelling story to tell."

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