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10 Things You Didn't Know About in the Health Care Bill

The health reform bill is 1,017 pages long but it contains a lot that will have an impact on Americans. I am one who believes we had to come into the 21st century and join with the rest of the civilized nations in beginning to provide health care to all citizens. You be the judge. Here are 10 things I bet you didn't know know are in the new Health Care Bill:

  1. Menu labeling. Restaurants with over 20 employees must include calorie counts and other nutrition information on the menu.
  2. SWAG reporting. Doctors must report valuable goodies they receive from health vendors.
  3. Right to Pump. New moms must be given space and time to pump. (for large employers over 50)
  4. Research. The bill includes research for post partum depression
  5. Tan tax. There is a 10% tax on tanning booths
  6. Adoption Credit. Adoptive parents receive tax credits to encourage adoption.
  7. Research. The bill includes research for Indian health studies.
  8. Safety. The bill includes required background checks for long term care workers.
  9. Right wing. The bill includes required abstinence education.
  10. Transparency. Employers must show on the W2 what is the employer and employee contribution for health care.

Fox News ("fair and balanced") has said that it's "what you don't know that can hurt you". Fox also said that "42% of doctors said they would quit or retire if Health Care Reform became law". It is time to stop the fear mongering, lies and deception and understand just what this reform will (and won't do) for the American public.


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