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TellSpec Device, Phone App Can Count Calories of Food (Video)

For people who are trying to lose weight or just keep the pounds from returning, a new gadget can actually tell a user how many calories there are in their food.

The TellSpec is a handheld device that scans the food, has a built-in spectrometer to analyze the chemical compounds and beams this information up to a web server (video below).

In the web server, there is an algorithm that creates a report which is sent down to the TellSpec mobile phone app, notes the Daily Mail.

According to inventors Stephen Watson and Isabel Hoffmann, their TellSpec app can "tell you the allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in your food."

The TellSpec can reportedly scan food through plastic, which is perfect for pre-approving food in the grocery store before buying.

The app also keeps a digital diary of what the user has eaten that day.

Before dieters get too excited, TellSpec is still in development and its creators are trying to raise money on

They expect TellSpec will be on the market next year, if they raise enough money.

Watson and Hoffmann state on

We are pioneers in this new and exciting technology. Our team has successfully tested prototypes of the TellSpec system and we are moving toward production. We are working to mitigate the risks in volume production and analysis and are positioned to work with partners to execute our delivery plan. We are providing the Indiegogo community with our estimate of when we expect to ship beta and production units of the TellSpec scanners.

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