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Television Not the Best Nanny, but Comes in Handy

Television: Not the best Nanny but she sure does come in handy sometimes…

By Jessica M. Lang, Holistic Health Practitioner

Television...a big part of American households, it has its pros and cons like any other novelty.  I'll admit, there are a few shows that I have tuned into since I was a teenager,  one them being, Days of our Lives.  Yes, its a soap opera and yes, its totally outlandish and indulgent...but hey, we all deserve a guilty pleasure.  Simply speaking, its not my television habits that I'm concerned with at all.  My 3.5 year old superhero, who has renamed himself "Nathan Spiderman Boy," has a little too much of his brain deeply invested in the boob tube.  I try very hard to keep him occupied with books, puzzles, games, crafts and a gazillion toys but the first words out of his mouth upon waking are, "Can I watch a show?"

Part of the problem is not having a yard.  We live in a second story condo with only a balcony and playing outside in the common area is not an option.  So unless we're out at the park or for a walk somewhere, my energetic 3 year old is stuck in the house with the beautiful big screen t.v. hanging on the wall.  Between all the household duties I am always getting down on the floor to play with the kids and including Nathan Spiderman Boy in the chores.  He does love to be a helper, of course!  Well, I launched the new website this week.  I had absolutely no idea that it would be so time consuming and confusing.  Thus, the t.v. marathon began for my little boy.

Web hosting ratings...web hosting web host?  These are things I had no clue about 72 hours ago.  Then of course I became obsessed with finding web hosting ratings, web hosting companies and I needed to know about the top web host!  Then after I signed up with a web hosting company that seemed soooo easy and user friendly (and claimed they had a 5 minute installation) I spent 4 hours in live chat with tech support because I was so lost.  All the while, Nathan Spiderman Boy was living in a world of crime fighting and solving mysteries with Scooby Doo and the gang.  So I shouldn't have been surprised when  flying objects would catapult across the room or when he would leap from the couch and land in a roll, only to shoot me with a web from his wrist.   According to, in regards to how TV affects your child:

 Many violent acts are perpetrated by the "good guys," whom kids have been taught to emulate. Even though kids are taught by their parents that it's not right to hit, television says it's OK to bite, hit, or kick if you're the good guy. This can lead to confusion when kids try to understand the difference between right and wrong. And even the "bad guys" on TV aren't always held responsible or punished for their actions

Little boys LOVE superheros, but as a mom who is concerned about the content of the programs that my son likes, I have to wonder if there is a way to get him turned OFF of television and onto something else.  And I already know that the answer is yes...and its going to take major effort on my part to be there for him to direct his interest other places.  Thank goodness that my web site is up and I do NOT have to think about web hosting companies and  web hosting ratings anymore...thank you to the tech support who helped this Cloth Diapering Mama to get my site live in running.  Thank you to my husband for being tolerant of take out food for the past 4 days.  Thank you to my baby for taking amazingly long naps this past week and thank you to anyone who is reading my work.  I truly appreciate it.  I showed my website to Nathan Spiderman Boy last night and he told me, "I like that, Mom!  That's nice."  Thank you Nathan Spiderman Boy...I love you and can't wait to play with you all day today.


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