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Teens Respond to Jessi Slaughter & Parents on YouTube

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??She used to be just a girl with a webcam. Now, thanks to her foul mouth and her father's explosive rant, 11-year-old Jessica Leonhardt of Florida (a.k.a. "Jessi Slaughter") has become an Internet sensation ... but for all the wrong reasons. 

Of course we parents were shocked, but what's surprising is the outpouring of concern from teenagers. The Jessi videos have caused such an uproar among young Internet users that thousands of "video responses" have been posted directly to Jessi, in an attempt to reason with her about her Internet antics. [Warning: Some explicit language -- NSFW.]

YouTube ID: Justinsceneable, 17

Best advice:

“You really shouldn’t have a Youtube account where you post pictures of your face. It’s really sad to sit and watch this happening. I hope you realize that older generations are looking at our generation … you may be one under my generation but you need to prove something like your intelligence. It’s not cool. Grow up a bit … act your age.”

YouTube ID: Weirdofrompluto, 19

Best advice:

“When I was 11 I was lucky if I even had like hotmail … maybe Windows MSN Messenger. Why are you on the Internet making videos? If I were 11 I’d probably be outside playing not on the computer crying my eyes out. Just get off the internet. Just stop making videos. Why are your parents letting you on the Internet?! Fair enough if you’re have Facebook but even still, a youtube account making your own videos, that’s just stupid, you’re asking for trouble.”

YouTube ID: Applesareforeatin, 16

Best advice:

“You're eleven, stop saying these words! I don’t even have that much of a sailor mouth and I’m 16-years-old! You’re eleven, stick to myspace, don’t even go on Facebook!”

YouTube ID: ShelbyQ's, 16

Best advice:

“You’re an 11-year-old! Get over yourself … go outside … go to the movies and see ‘Toy Story 3,’ plant a garden or spend time with your mom, that is the stuff you should be doing … or read a book!”

To Jessi’s dad:
“You’re blaming everybody else for the daughter that you raised.”


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