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Teens Order Little Girls to Fight Each Other (Video)

A recently uploaded video (below) on YouTube shows a young girl being ordered by some teen girls to attack another girl in a New York City park.

One of the girls, who is wearing a white puffa jacket, is told to slap the other child who is wearing a black puffa jacket.

According to the Daily Mail, the teens accuse the girl in the black puffa jacket of "not playing fair before" and tell the other girl to "just slap her."

The girl in the white puffa jacket does as she is told and shoves the other girl twice before slapping her on the face.

The teens then yell: "Whoop her *ss. Just do it. Punch her. Harder."

The young girl in the white puffa jacket then grabs the other girl and spins her round as the teens scream: "Yes, yes, slap her harder."

The girls continue to fight until the girl in the black puffa escapes. No word if police have found the girls or teens, or made any arrests.

Source: Daily Mail


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