'Teens in NYC Protection+' App Helps Teens Find Birth Control, Abortion Services

The New York City Health Department is offering a new app for teens (or older women) to get information on sexual health, including birth control and abortions.

The "Teens in NYC Protection+" app can be downloaded from the department's NYC Teen website to smart phones and iPhones.

The app has three main navigation buttons: Where to Go (sexual health services), What to Get (condoms and other birth control), and What to Expect (at the abortion clinic) notes CNSNews.com.

If someone chooses "sexual health services," the abortion option is part of the sub-menu. The user can choose the area in the city where they want to find abortion services.

However, not everyone is supportive of the new app.  The pro-life website LifeNews.com wrote:

Never mind that 40 percent of all pregnancies in the Big Apple still end in an abortion of a little baby boy or girl. Despite the horrific figure, New York City has developed and is promoting a smartphone app that sends teens to local abortion clinics.

Sources: CNSNews.com, NYC.gov, LifeNews.com


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