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Teen Receives Drug-Laced Jolly Rancher At High School, Mom Says

An unidentified student at Summer Creek High in Houston, Texas, said he unwittingly ate drug-laced jolly ranchers given to him by a fellow student.

"He said he just ate the one and then he felt really strange afterwards,"  the freshman’s mother told KTRK. ”He said it made him feel really awake."

She added that after he realized the candy contained drugs, "he was afraid."

The mother approached the school administration, which is now investigating the incident.

“There is no evidence that anyone is tricking students into taking drugs by offering candy,” principal Nolan Correa said in an email to parents on Nov. 6.

Some students were unhappy that a classmate might have been drugged.

"A simple piece of candy, you wouldn't expect that. And it could be anybody taking it. It could even be a teacher," said Summer Creek Junior Ronald Luke. "If a student is like here you go and they take that piece of candy and it's like giving drugs to a teacher. It's just not right.”

The student’s mother said she’s still worried.

"My biggest concern is about the safety of the kids and that parents are aware that there's a threat out there," she said. 

Sources: KTRK, Summer Creek High School / Photo Credit: Amy/Flickr, Teresa Alexander-Arab/Flickr


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