Teens Getting High from Jimson Weed (Video)

Comedian Denis Leary once said that if all the drugs were removed from the planet, people would still find a way to get high, such as running around in circles.

It hasn't come to that yet, but some teens are using flowers from the Datura plant family, better known as "jimson weed," to get high and hallucinate. So far, this plant has not been criminalized, except in New Jersey and Pennsylvania (video below).

According to CBS Philadelphia, the flowers freely grow in parks and yards.

For some users, the side effects may include anxiety, heart palpitations, paranoia and vomiting. These same side effects can also occur from numerous over-the-counter drugs.

American Association of Poison Control Centers claims that thousands of people end up in the hospital from using the flower.

“My fear is that more and more people are going to die from taking this,” said drug counselor John Corbett. “How do we know that somebody is not going to react in a negative way and be caught in a trip that they can’t be brought out of?”

There have been videos uploaded to YouTube showing young people acting disoriented after using jimson weed. 

"Usually in the 14 to 16 age range. They've haven't experienced a lot of drug use or alcohol use they do want to get high, they're kind of experimenting around," Dr. Kevin Weber, medical director of the emergency room at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado, told KOAA-TV.

However, Dr. Weber adds that most people do not become addicted the jimson weed: "A lot of the effect of it is not euphoric, but dysphoric, it's an unpleasant effect. So after somebody's tried it, they realize it's not pleasant."

Sources: KOAA-TV and CBS Philadelphia


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