Teen Video Gamer Dies After Playing 40 Hours Straight

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A teenager was found dead in an Internet cafe in Tainan, Taiwan after reportedly playing a video game, Diablo 3, for 40 hours straight. It is believed he had not eaten for two days.

The 18-year-old youth, who has only been identified by his surname 'Chuang,' was found in the morning, of July 15, by an Internet cafe attendant.

After the attendant woke him, Chuang stood, took a few steps and then collapsed, reports The Sun.

Chuang was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a local hospital.

Police are investigating the cause of death and an autopsy is being performed.

It is the second death from playing video games in Taiwan this year. In February, a man in New Taipei was found dead, slumped in a chair facing a computer with his arms still reaching out for the keyboard after playing for 23 hours.


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