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Teen Thought To Have Nose Bleed Was Actually Shot

Corey Tunnell, 16, was at his cousin’s home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when he developed a nose bleed. Someone called 911 and paramedics discovered Tunnell had actually been shot in the head, NY Daily News reported.

Tunnell died less than an hour after being transported to Presbyterian Hospital. 

Police later searched the home, but did not find any firearms. No suspects have been identified in the search for Tunnell’s killer and police have not said what led to the shooting.

Tunnell’s family was stunned by his death. "He's a very, very nice boy, very well mannered. He was playing basketball then he went over to his cousins'. He was playing with his cousins then I get a phone call that Little Corey's been shot. I went to the hospital and they wouldn't even let me in,"  Caroline Armstrong,  Tunnell’s grandmother, told WPVI.

The shooting remains under investigation.

Sources: NY Daily News, WPVI / Photo credit: Jeff Chirico/Twitter


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