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Student Suspended Over Picture Of School Water (Video)

Hazel Juco was suspended from John Glenn High School in Westland, Michigan, after posting a picture of some discolored water in a school bathroom sink on Facebook and Twitter on Sept. 20 (video below).

Juco's tweet included the water and the caption: "What a great day to be a rocket."

"I just took a picture of it," Juco told WXYZ. "And fourth hour is my newspaper class, and I went and talked about it with them."

"I always hope that something good will happen, somehow someone who wants to help us with money," Juco added. "Because our school obviously doesn’t have money."

Instead, Juco said she was sent to the principal's office:

She told me that I was being suspended for three days, OSS (Out of School Suspension), for taking a picture, it's inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom. And everyone in my school, every girl takes selfies in the bathroom and makes it their profile pictures on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever. No one has gotten in trouble.

In response to Juco's suspension, dozens of students protested by tweeting their bathroom pictures.

Wayne-Westand Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Michele Harmala told WXYZ that the school administrators didn’t report the water issue to the maintenance department, which Harmala ended up doing.

"So I reached out to them, they sent a plumber out right away," Harmala said.

She explained that a pipe needed to be replaced.

According to Harmala, the rule against taking pictures in the bathroom is to protect people's privacy, not about building issues.

Harmala said she was taking the suspension off of Juco's school record, which could have hurt the teen's chances of going to college.

Harmala said the incident is going to be a learning experience for adults and children.

The superintendent wants students to report structural problems or issues with building maintenance to the school administration directly instead of posting it on social media. She noted social media use is protected under free speech.

Sources: WXYZ, Hazel Juco/Twitter / Photo credit: Hazel Juco/Twitter

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