Teenage Girl Has Huge Cyst Removed From Stomach


A teenage girl had to undergo surgery to have a huge cyst removed from her stomach.

The growth on Bethany Lane’s ovary weighed around 28 pounds, according to Daily Mail.

“I had keyhole surgery to have the cyst removed and only got left with three tiny scars,” Lane said of the laparoscopic procedure.

The problem began when she noticed her stomach start to grow in December 2015. Then, she was visiting someone in hospital when she collapsed.

“It really started to hurt, like someone was stabbing me on my left side,” Lane said.

After tests, doctors identified the cyst, which grew at a rapid rate.

“It got so big, it started pressing on the tube between my kidneys and bladder, so one of my kidneys started to fail,” she said.

The growth contained a large quantity of toxic fluids.

“And if it had popped, I could have died,” she added.

Lane had surgery June 14.

“They said they'd never seen a cyst as big in someone my age,” she added.

“They also told me it might take two weeks before I could walk properly but they did such a good job, it only took two days,” said Lane.

A doctor involved in the operation spoke about the case.

“Removing Bethany's cyst took a lot of work from a lot of people to get right. It was an excellent team effort,” Dr. Suzie Peatman said. “We are really happy she's recovering so well.” 

Lane hopes to eventually work in the child care field.

“I’m amazed by the results and people should know how amazing doctors are these days,” Lane added.

“I couldn't have asked for better doctors, nurses and staff on the ward,” she said.

Ovarian cysts are relatively common among women of a reproductive age. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 8 percent of women develop an ovarian cyst that requires treatment.

Ovarian cysts usually disappear of their own, without treatment.

Sources: Daily Mail, Piqua Daily Call / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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