Teen With Multiple Sclerosis Becomes Track Star (Video)


Kayla Montgomery, 18, has multiple sclerosis, but she still runs cross-country and track... and wins.

While running for Mount Tabor High School in North Caroline, Montgomery has won titles and ranked nationally.

She was diagnosed three years ago with MS and was one of the team's slowest runners, but after training hard, she has become one of the fastest.

Montgomery can run long distances without feeling pain in her legs, but the moment the teen stops she falls, noted the "Today" show (video below).

Fortunately, her coach Patrick Cromwell and teammates always catch her after she crosses the finish line.

"I had to quit soccer because of MS," Montgomery told WXII 12 (video below).

"I didn't want to give everything up, so I put everything from soccer into running and it's now my passion," added Montgomery.

Multiple sclerosis causes the immune system in the body to attack and damage its own nerve cells.

During one race, Montgomery fell after a bump with another runner.

Somehow, Montgomery crawled over to a nearby fence, pulled herself up and crossed the finish line in 10th place.

"Now I know I can do it," Montgomery told The New York Times. "It may take a little while, but if I fall, I know I can get up."

Montgomery won the North Carolina state title in the 3,200-meter race in February and is competing in the national indoor track championships in New York on March 14.

Sources: "Today" Show, The New York Times, WXII 12


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