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Teen Mom Advocates For Easier Access To Contraception

Megan Oakley was 13 years old when she became pregnant and now she’s fighting for better sex education and access to contraception for sexually active pre-teens as young as 10.

Oakley, now 19, told the talk show This Morning that she started having sex with her school mate, Lucas Cragg, when he was 15.

“He was a bit older but we were both so young, we didn't have a clue. We didn't think it would happen to us,” she said.

Though Oakley, who is from Portsmouth, England, had received some basic sex education, she didn’t know she was pregnant until months later. “I started feeling tired. I was so young I didn't understand about period cycles. I only realized when I Googled my symptoms and it came up with pregnant,” she said

“'I thought 'is this really happening?"'

Oakley’s son, Ashton-Tyler, drove her to complete her education. Her journey hasn’t been easy, but she now works as a ‘peer educator,’ talking to students about contraception.

“I'm not saying 10-year-olds should have sex, but if they are sexually active they should be offered contraception to prevent teen pregnancies and STDs,” she said.

“There should be more education about how they can access contraception and they should have knowledge of where they can go to get it.”

Recently, the National Health Service gave some pre-teens and teenagers long term contraception, like a hormonal or copper implant. 

Though contraception for young people is not without controversy, Oakley thinks it’s a good idea to ensure access to that type of birth control if it prevents teen pregnancies like hers. 

Source: This Morning Image via Daily Mail


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