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Teen Miraculously Awakens From Coma, Befriends Man Who Hit Her With Car (Video)

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A teen that was given an unthinkably slim chance of survival after being hit by a car miraculously awoke from a coma, and subsequently formed a surprising bond with the man that hit her.

Lexi Hansen, 18, was longboarding to class at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, on Feb. 26, 2014, when she was hit by a car. She suffered a massive brain injury and after going into a coma, doctors determined that she had just a one percent chance of surviving.

One day in March, 2014, Hansen’s family began singing hymns to her while she way lying in her hospital bed. Suddenly, her eyes opened and she started to become aware of what was going on around her.

“She woke up and just listened to us and we were just amazed and crying just at the fact that she was (awake),” Hansen’s mother, Marcia, told ABC News at the time. “And then she just hand signed 'I Iove you' …. and then we were just crying that she would even know what was going on. She reached out her hand to each of us then we started to leave, because we're not all supposed to be in that room, and she started to wave to us. It was very weak but it was the most - actually it was like a big window washing wave. It was just amazing.”

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Amazingly, the Hansen family had no bad feelings towards Karson Pasker, the young man who hit Hansen with his car on that tragic day.

“I was physically sick after the accident. I was obviously very, very concerned for Lexi,” Pasker said, according to Liftbump. “To just know that I had been a part of causing someone and someone’s family so much pain and suffering really just ate at me and it was really, really difficult.”

Pasker sent an apology to the Hansen family, and Marcia soon reached out by phone.

“Lexi’s mom contacted me the next day. The call from her mother was really quite interesting, she started talking to me like I was just another young man, very personal and very loving,” he said. “She wanted me to understand that there were no ill feelings, that she understood that accidents happen and she wanted me to know that.”

Pasker began visiting Hansen in the hospital regularly, and the pair quickly formed an unlikely bond. The two said they believe that their meeting – while under difficult circumstances – did not happen by chance.

“I have never really been mad at Karsen… I never really thought that it was his fault," Hansen said. "It’s just an accident, it’s okay. I’m not mad at him at all. He’s such a good person that it was easy to love him."

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“They’ve had a life-changing impact on me, to see their strength and their love,” Pasker added.

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