Teen With Down Syndrome Gets Internship, Reaction Filmed (Video)


Like many students his age, Ben Sunderman, 19, was looking for an internship in order to gain real world work experience. And like everyone else who applies for work, he waited expectantly for an answer from employers.

Unlike some, Ben has Down syndrome, but he does not let that stop him from getting ahead in life.

Such was the case recently when he received a large envelope in the mail from the employers at an internship he recently interviewed for.

Capturing his reactions on video (shown below), his mother, Sharon Sunderman, had him open up the letter and read it in front of the camera.

"What does that mean, Ben?" Sharon asked. "Did you get it?" 

As he read the letter to himself, he suddenly lights up and yells, "I get it! I get a job."

The teenager then hugs and high fives his proud father.

The video has since been uploaded to YouTube where it quickly became viral with more than 100,000 views, according to inquisitr.com.

Speaking to ABC News, Sharon said that Ben was accepted into an internship program from Embassy Suites in Frisco, Texas. In August, Ben will be working at the hotel eight hours a day.

Helping to facilitate his job hunt was a service called Project Search which assists children with disabilities in finding gainful employment.

Sharon said that during his interview he told his interviewers that his three goals were "to get a job, to build his muscles and to find a girlfriend."

Sharon wants Ben's success to be an example to other families with disabled children.

"Set your expectations high," she said. "We just always encouraged him to do everything he could do. He does his laundry like his siblings, makes his bed like his siblings. There is joy."

Ben even became his high school's prom king last year.

"Everyone sees him as Ben and loves him for who he is, which is great," she continued. "Adults with disabilities can really add value. Just the joy that Ben has at the fact that he is able to get a job and be part of the community. That's what every parent wants for their kid."

Source: Yahoo Newsinquisitr.com

Photo Credit: ABC News


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