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'I Want To Know Why': U.K. Family Speaks Out After Teen Dies 24 Hours After Being Discharged From Hospital

Daniel Elton, 18, was discharged form Burton's Queen's Hospital on Nov. 6, just hours after he had a second blood transfusion. Less than a day later, he died at his home in Castle Gresley, England, and now his family wants answers.

Daniel had reportedly been suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition since April, and his family didn’t believe he was ready to be released from the hospital, the Burton Mail reported.

“I want to know why they discharged him? We were so happy when they admitted him for seven days but after just a day they said he was to be discharged,” Julian Elton, the teen’s father, told the Burton Mail.

"He was just managing but he kept telling his mum that he couldn't breathe, but you put your trust in doctors," he added.

Though Daniel’s family expected him to make a full recovery, it became clear something was amiss.

“I went up to bed at around 6 a.m. and Daniel was asleep on the floor when his mum got up at 11 a.m.," Julian said. "I told her that 'he's probably breathing better now.'"

Jeanette Tyler, Daniel’s mom, went downstairs and found him on the floor and unresponsive. 

"There was this horrible almighty deafening sound and I can see him in my mind. I put my hand on him and he was cold, he was stiff – he was dead,” Julian said.

"We want to know why they released him when he was so weak," he added. "I am going to keep going until I get justice for my son. That is my plan in life now and I will not rest.”

Staff at Daniel’s former school, William Allitt in Newhall, were also devastated by his sudden passing.

"Daniel will be remembered as a colorful and vibrant young man, full of life and energy,” Jayne Pass, one of Daniel's former teachers, told the Burton Mail in a separate story.

"Daniel will be best remembered for his mischievous sense of humor and his infectious smile," she added.

Brendan Brown, chief nurse at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which oversees the running of Queen's Hospital, said he was also sad to hear of Daniel’s death. 

"Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on the details of Daniel's care at present and I would encourage Daniel's parents to contact me here at the trust so that we can arrange to meet with them and discuss any concerns they have directly," he said.

Sources: Burton Mail (2) / Photo Credit: Burton Mail

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