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Teen Dies After Using Synthetic Drug


A Chanhassen, Minnesota, teen died after taking a synthetic drug he purchased on the Internet, according to authorities.

Alexander Snyder, 17, was found face-up in a marsh after police got a call from his father reporting him missing on Sept. 27. Alex’s father, Jeremy Snyder, traced his son's location through a phone tracking app, which led him to a park where the phone and Alex's shoes were found, The Star Tribune reported.

When Alex was found in the marsh, he was in the middle of a seizure. He died on Sept. 29 at Hennepin County Medical Center, KSTP reported.

Upon investigating Alex’s death, deputies learned that the teen and a friend took a synthetic psychedelic drug shipped from China. Jeremy said his son “tried the drugs he thought were safe.”

“How they got it into the country, they listed it as antioxidant-testing use,” he told KSTP. "That's how they got it from China to here." 

Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud said Alex’s death was the third from synthetic drug use in the area — with 184 exposures reported so far in 2015, according to the Minnesota Poison Control Center.

“We're certainly treating it very seriously as a public safety concern," Kamerud said.

Alex’s father said the appeal of synthetic drugs is that they don’t show up in drug tests. 

“It's hard to acknowledge that your own child ... they they brought themselves to their own end, even though it's accidentally,” he said.

The other teen who took the drug is expected to recover.

Sources: KSTP, Star Tribune / Photo credit:


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