Teen Dies After Routine Wisdom Teeth Procedure, Family Left Without Answers


A Minnesota family will never know why their 17-year-old daughter died from a routine dental surgery in June.

After Sydney Galleger lapsed into cardiac arrest during a wisdom teeth procedure in June and died shortly after, medical examiners were unable to definitively determine the cause of her death in an autopsy Thursday, the Daily Mail reports.

"We just wanted God to give us something, give us an answer why our healthy, happy daughter is no longer with us," Sydney's mother, Diane Galleger, wrote Wednesday on the social media site CaringBridge.

She continued:

After three months of the medical examiners trying to determine why Sydney had a cardiac arrest, there is no clear cut answer. Without going into detail, [Sydney's father] and I talked to the medical examiner this morning and it appears to be 'the perfect storm.' She had a slight abnormality in her heart and signs of a viral infection on her brain. None on their own was felt to be enough to cause a cardiac arrest. Could she have had a slight reaction to the medications causing everything to misfire? Unlikely, but we will never know.

Medical examiners also suggested that a medication Sydney received during the surgery could have suddenly caused her blood pressure to spike and her pulse to drop, sending her into cardiac arrest during the June 9 surgery, but findings were ultimately inconclusive.

"I am numb, in a fog, sad, and not really sure what to think," Diane wrote.

"As you can imagine, that was the most devastating news we have ever received," she added.

The bereaved mother mentioned that she does not plan to sue the oral surgeon or his practice. She just wants to grieve peacefully.

"I really dislike the cliche even more now, 'God needed another angel,'" she wrote. "It's hard when that angel is yours."

Sources: Daily Mail, CaringBridge
Photo Credit: Facebook


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