Ted McCullough Agreed to Have Sex with Sister-in-Law to Avoid IVF Treatments

A New York woman attempted to avoid IVF treatments by having sex with her brother-in-law multiple times and is now saying that the man sexually assaulted her.

Adrienne Mesko wanted to have sex with brother-in-law Ted McCullough because she allegedly did not want to receive treatments after she and her husband failed to conceive. 

McCullough, a lawyer, said he agreed to help her because he thought his brother-in-law would make a good father. He says that she is claiming to have been sexually assaulted by him because she did not want to admit to her family what they had planned. 

Now, Mesko is suing McCullough for $7 million. 

Her brother-in-law states that they had a "two-day tryst in Hyde Park," where she has a weekend home, in order to get her pregnant. 

While the dates of said encounters are not clear, the court documents indicate other details of the "tryst."

After one sex session, "she pulled her naked legs up in a crab-like position to increase the chances of conception. She then stated to him, 'thank you, I know you are doing me a favor.'"

Mesko did not get pregnant after their relations. 

Gregory Chiaramonte, Mesko's husband, is the brother of McCullough's wife Deirdre Chiaramonte. 

McCullough's wife has since filed for divorce, but the couple is reportedly working things out.

McCullough said he agreed to have sex with his wife's sister-in-law out of respect for Chiaramonte. He said that Chiaramonte would make a "fine, responsible and upstanding father."

According to McCullough's website, he "handles complex commercial cases including class action work, contract and commercial suits, products liability, intellectual property, environmental and employment disputes" at McCullough Ginsberg Montano & Partners.



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