Teaching Students, Interns, and Paraprofessionals Non-Diet Approaches to Weight Management


Don’t miss this wonderful Webinar being held on April 1st, at 2 p.m. EDT The Society for Nutrition Education is offering this Webinar with presenters:  Dawn Clifford, Phd, RD, Michelle Neyman Morris, PhD, RD, both at CSU Chico, and Eunice Bassler (Iowa State).

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Despite the recent findings that diets don’t work, weight loss is still promoted in nutrition and dietetics curriculum and textbooks. New and exciting research is available on both the physiologic and psychologic benefits of non-diet approaches. However, many nutrition faculty, preceptors, and health educators may feel unequipped to teach these concepts to their diet-focused students, interns, and paraprofessionals.

This webinar will give participants new teaching ideas for presenting non-diet approaches in the classroom. Participants will be exposed to a variety of non-diet books that have been used to enhance course curriculum. New research will be presented on the influence of such non-diet curriculum on the attitudes of dietetic students. Finally, participants will learn of new strategies for incorporating non-diet concepts into curriculum as well as challenges and opportunities to presenting this paradigm shift in community and academic classrooms.


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