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Teacher Shaves Head To Support Student

Dino Shuffield was diagnosed with a medical condition that meant he would go bald.

Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease, attacks the hair follicles, according to WISN. Dino was advised to shave his head as a result.

But Dino’s teacher, Ehren Steiner, decided he did not want to make the student go through the hair loss on his own.

“It stinks sometimes to go through things on your own, and I think if you can have somebody to walk through things with, it makes life more enjoyable,” Steiner told WISN.

Steiner spoke to Shuffield about his decision.

“I just kind of brought it up, ‘Hey man, I’ll shave mine, too, if that would make it easier,’ and I told him to think about if for the rest of the school day,” Steiner added.

Dino then told his teacher he had decided to shave his head over the weekend. When Dino arrived at school on the following Monday, he got a surprise.

“My jaw dropped. I’m actually like, he did it,” said Dino. “[He’s the] best teacher in the world.”

Both commented that most students had responded positively.

Alopecia areata can also be brought on as a consequence of stress, as another student recently found out. Katie-Anna Moore lost over 70 percent of her hair while studying for her university exams.

“I was crying all the time and didn't want to talk to my friends or tell the university what was going on,” Moore told the Daily Mail.

“I got more and more self conscious about it until I stopped going to classes completely and wouldn't socialize with friends for a month,” she added.

Ultimately, Moore decided like Dino to shave her head and return to school.

Sources: WISN, Daily Mail / Photo credit: PA Real Life via Daily Mail

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