Teacher Resigns Because of School's 'Ignorance' of Ebola (Video)


Susan Sherman recently resigned from her teaching job at the Saint Margaret Mary Catholic School in Louisville, Ky., over what she called "ignorance" of the current Ebola hysteria.

Sherman occasionally performs mission work in Kenya, which has not had one Ebola case, with an organization called Supplies Overseas.

She says that her efforts to deliver medical equipment in the African country were slammed by students, teachers, parents and parishioners of the religious school (video below).

According to Mediate.com, the school placed Sherman on a 21 day leave of absence because she had been to Kenya, which is more than 5,000 miles from any Ebola-afflicted country.

However, geographical and medical facts were of no comfort to some worried parents.

"I would have been concerned, probably would've gone to the principal and said what's going on here," parent Connie Schrecker told WLKY.

The archdiocese of Louisville originally refused to comment by claiming it was a personnel issue, but suddenly changed its mind after the story became public.

The archdiocese told WLKY in a statement: "Unfortunately attempts to communicate facts and reduce fear were unsuccessful, so parish administrators decided to ask Mrs. Sherman to take leave of 21 days with pay... St. Margaret Mary is deeply apologetic for any pain this situation has caused."

However, Sherman's husband told WLKY that his wife "was not 'asked' to take a leave of absence, nor was she allowed to provide input into the decision. She was placed on a leave of absence without her knowledge and without direct communication from the parish office."

Sources: Mediate.com, WLKY


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