Teacher Marla Rodgers Sizemore had Sex with Student While Daughter Slept in Same Bed

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A substitute teacher and mother of two from White Hall High School in White Hall, Arkansas, stands accused of having sexual encounters with three different underage students, the most disturbing of which took place in the same bed that the teacher’s own daughter slept in.

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Marla Sizemore, 44, was charged with sex crimes related to the three incidents when an unidentified teen came forward and told police that he and Sizemore had engaged in sex acts. After the first student leveled an accusation, as many as 25 others confirmed that Marla Sizemore threw drug and alcohol-fueled parties for underage kids and had been sexually involved with at least three of her party attendees.

In one teen boy’s account, Sizemore instructed him to wear a turtleneck to school to cover a hickey that she left on his neck after one of the aforementioned Bacchanals. Another young victim claims that Sizemore had sex with him while her daughter lay asleep beside them.

Students have been forthcoming with investigators so far. A handful reported that Sizemore called them after one of her parties and inquired whether or not law enforcement had contacted them. When they said no, Sizemore allegedly asked, “Y’all got my back, right?”

The ages of the victims involved have not been made public, but it is assumed that they are all under 18 years old.

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See a gallery of teachers who slept with their students


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