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Teacher Mark Rinehart Given Vacation Days by Co-Workers to Care for Sick Wife, But School Denies Him Days

Mark Rinehart's wife Hannah Rinehart is a two-time cancer survivor currently being treated at the Northside Hospital in Cumming, Georgia (video below).

She recently suffered a rare bacterial infection and had her hands and feet amputated. Doctors believe that Hannah got capnocytophaga, an infection often found in the saliva of dogs, reports the Daily Mail.

As a gesture of good will, Mark's co-workers at the Gwinnett County Public School donated their vacation time so that the high school teacher and member of the Georgia National Guard could care for Hannah when she gets out of the hospital, reports CBS Atlanta.

However, the school district is not allowing the other teachers to donate their vacation time to Mark.

District spokeswoman Sloan Roach told CBS Atlanta that allowing the teachers to donate their vacation days to Mark would change a policy that 22,000 employees have to follow.

The school board is reportedly working with the human resources department to find an administrative solution as Hannah struggles for her life.

On a brighter note, financial donations for the Rineharts are being accepted by Operation Appreciation at


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