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Teacher Gets Lip Injections To Look Like Kylie Jenner, Procedure Goes Horribly Wrong (Photos)

A teacher who wanted her lips to look like Kylie Jenner’s got a horrible surprise when an inexpensive lip filler went bad on her.

Amelia Greville, 24, a resident of Bangkok, decided to try out lip fillers to make her lips look more like Kylie Jenner’s after finding a good deal through Groupon Thailand. Unfortunately, it turns out that the lip fillers she bought may have contained an illegal type of silicon. Greville believed she was buying Juvederm, the type of injection used by Kylie Jenner.

Now Greville is trying to raise funds for a cosmetic surgery to fix her lips after the lip filler caused her lips to become lumpy and painful. Within two months of the initial injection, she developed three hard lumps in her lips, which hurt to the touch. 

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According to Greville, she returned to the clinic where she had the injection done after reading that the silicon can easily be dissolved. They insisted that the doctor had not injected enough the first time and that they should try a different injection to fix her problem.

Unfortunately for Greville, this was not the solution the clinic promised her. Her lips swelled up and turned blue, with more lumps forming in addition to the three she already developed.

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Amelia realized at this point that she had not in fact purchased genuine Juvederm and she received a refund from Groupon. She went to another clinic, where a doctor informed her that she had been injected with silicon, which is not legal in Thailand, rather than Juvederm.

“It’s so humiliating,” Amelia told the Daily Mail. “It has ruined my confidence. The idea of going on a date mortifies me, there’s no way I’m doing it until my lips get fixed.”

The cost of the surgery to undo the damage to her lips will be 75,000 Thai baht, or roughly $2,000.

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Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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