Student Refused Inhaler Because She Forgot Part Of Her School Uniform

A U.K. girl was told by her teacher that she couldn’t have her asthma inhaler because she lost the tie that was part of the school’s uniform, and now, her father is demanding answers.

Reports say that the student lost her tie, and as “security” for being given a replacement, the teacher kept the girl’s inhaler. Garry Gould, the student’s father, says he found out about it days later when his daughter came home from school out of breath. Upon finding out about the confiscation, Gould was forced to call the family doctor to get his 16-year-old daughter Sian another inhaler.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Gould said. “The fact that an adult, even worse a teacher, thought it was acceptable to take away a child’s medication is unreal. When I found out I went mad. Sian hadn’t had her inhaler for a few days because she still couldn’t find her own tie. She didn’t want to worry us. To think she was without medication that could potentially save her life is so scary.

“We contacted the school and the teacher wasn’t in to return it,” Gould continued. “We rang the doctors for a replacement and they couldn’t believe the reason behind why she needed one. I actually googled whether or not a teacher had the power to take away medication and the first story that came up was a child that had died in the playground after something similar happened.”

In the wake of the incident and a poor school inspection, headteacher Trevor Langston resigned.

“We made a formal complaint to the (then) governors and they came back to say the teacher had been reprimanded and warned never to do such an ‘exchange’ again and the school governor said the teacher understood that the teacher was wrong to take my daughter’s inhaler but I think people still need to know to highlight the problems the school is having,” Gould noted.

With a new headteacher in place, the school is trying to turn things around for the better.

“We understand that a teacher did remove an asthma inhaler from a pupil and that the present interim headteacher, who was not in post at the time, has robustly reminded staff of the DfE guidelines to schools on pupil medication,” the council said in a statement.

Sources: Crewe Chronicle, The Daily Mirror

Photo Source: Chronicle Live, PA via The Daily Mirror


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