Teacher Allegedly Forced To Resign After Taking Student to ER And Paying The Bill


Teacher Jennifer Mitts has taught at Red Bank High School for 14 years. When school officials discovered she had taken a student to the emergency room for a non-disclosed treatment and paid for her medical bills, Mitts was allegedly forced to resign.

Mitts says they dictated to her what she should write in her resignation letter, including waiving her right to a hearing, reports WTVC.

The Hamilton School Board claims she was only facing a suspension.

A petition has surfaced for Mitts to be reinstated; it includes over 400 signatures.  

"Honestly, if it was my child and we couldn't afford it out of pocket, I hope there would be somebody that would do that for us," said parent Ashley Gonzales.

This was not the first time Mitts had covered medical treatment for a student. She had been asked by the school board to not do it again.

Mitts also had multiple infractions on her record, including “3 written reprimands, 2 oral reprimands, and a 5-day suspension,” reports Yahoo News.

In addition to the petition for reinstatement, Mitts plans to file a lawsuit against the school board.


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