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Teach your Baby to Sign Songs

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Teaching your baby to sign songs is easy. I know you know it already. Do you know how to sing and sign “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. If you are a mom or dad, probably yes. Singing to our babies is almost second nature to cradle your baby close and coo in that sing-song voice about how beautiful they are, and how much you love them! Why do we instinctivelysing and sign songs? It’s a very simple answer; because babies love it!  Depending on the tempo, it can excite them to play, or soothe them to sleep, or even make them feel better when they get a booboo.
research at Frankfurt University concluded that singing with babies not only strengthened the immune system but also notably improved our  mood.

Can we do even more with songs?

“I attended a SignShinebaby sign language class recently, and what amazed me the most was the baby signing songs! It made so much sense to teach babies to sign songs using these fun, rhythmic hand gestures that bounced along with the tempo of the baby sign language song. The babies in the room immediately became enthralled by the baby sign language songs, as all the mothers’ and fathers’ hands seemed to tell a story along with the baby sign language song. Suddenly, the baby signing song was no longer just a melody, but it was actually a performance the children could witness!”  Andrea, Jack’s mom 5 months old.

Not only do baby sign language songsdouble the communication methods you’re engaging in with your baby, it adds a visual element to it that the babies immediately delight in. Not only is it fun to teach babies to sign songs, but it’s demonstrating a valuable communication tool that they are likely to try and mimic and eventually use.

Learn baby sign language song:
·       Sign songs you love
·       Sign a few important signs in every song
·       Have fun with it and smile

You can learn how to teach your baby sign songs:
I created a step by step videos with your favorite baby songs.

Baby signing and singing is a fun and integrative way to play with your baby! Teaching your baby to sign songs is a simple addition to your baby's playtime, and it can end up benefitting them in so many ways. I’d highly suggest signing up for a baby sign language class with SignShine to start singing and baby signing today!

Let the Sign Shine!

Etel Leit, M.S.
Founder & Owner


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