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Tattoo Artist Vinnie Myers Gives Breast Cancer Survivors their Nipples Back

Vinnie Myers, a tattoo artist from Baltimore, Maryland, has helped thousands of mastectomy patients with his three-dimensional nipple and areola tattooing, which gives breast cancer patients back some of their femininity.

Many women, who have breast tissue removed to kill the cancer cells, are left without nipples and areolas, reports the Daily Mail.

Breast cancer survivors see his nipple tattoo, which costs $400, as an alternative to costly reconstructive breast surgery.

Myers wrote on "I feel like I have the best possible job as a service provider for breast cancer warriors. I’m on the back side of the battle. The finishing touch. The last step. I truly get to put the cherries on the cupcakes!"

Before tattooing clients, Myers uses a Sharpie pen to outline the nipple and areola. He then mixes the tattoo ink to match the skin tone of the woman.

Myers uses two tattoo guns, using one to draw, and a second one to shade and add depth to the drawing.

He also draws Montgomery Glands, the small raised bumps on the areola: "This 3D approach to the procedure offers each client numerous possibilities in obtaining the best end result and appearance, even for those who’ve already had nipple tattooing done."

Because of nerve damage during a mastectomy, women don't feel much pain during the tattooing.

Myers added: "A little more than a year ago, my younger sister was diagnosed with stage IIA breast cancer. Her battle has reinvigorated my desire to help as many people as I can with what has become my newfound career path."

Below are before and after pictures of Myers' work.

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