Tattoo Artist Loses Needle In His Own Arm And Finds It 40 Years Later

A Swedish tattoo artist was giving himself a tattoo back in 1974 when the needle got lost in his arm. Four decades later, the man finally found the needle in the strangest place.

Ulf Bergström of Mala, Sweden says that the needle got lost in his arm 40 years ago when he was giving himself a tattoo.

“So I put the needle in my arm and then hey presto it disappeared,” said Bergström.

The tattoo artist went for some x-rays to see where the needle ended up, but unfortunately, he was unable to locate it. So, naturally, he went on with his business.

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Fast forward 40 years, and one day, Bergström complained to his wife of excruciating pain in his big toe. Upon further examination, his wife discovered that there was a blood blister, so as she popped it, she was shocked to discover that the needle had finally found its way out.

“It's been in my body for 40 years,” said Bergström, “The only question is which route it has taken, that is something I would like to know.”

As for his big toe, Bergström says it’s still in pain, but thankfully, the missing needle has been found.


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