Man's Prosthetic Arm Is Also Tattoo Machine (Video)

JC Sheitan Tenet, a tattoo artist in France, recently got a custom-made prosthetic arm that also works as a tattoo machine (video below).

Tenet posted an explanation about his new arm on Facebook June 11: "The needles, griptube, nipple and rubber are disposable. The tattoo machine and [prosthesis] are cleanable like a normal tattoo machine. Except that it is very very long and meticulous. That is why it is an exhibition kinetic sculpture and not my daily use tool. The rusty, worn and dirty appearance, is of course fake, it is an artistic choice of painting."

According to VICE, Tenet, who lost the lower part of his right arm more than two decades ago, teamed up with Gonzal (real name Jean-Louis Gonzalez), an artist and an engineer, to create the arm.

Tenet recently showed off his new arm at Tattoo Motor Show 8 in Devezieux, France.

"At the convention, people said 'What the f--- is that!? That’s f------ cool!'" Tenet told VICE.

The two Frenchman came up with the idea while crossing paths at tattoo conventions. Tenet asked Gonzal to use an older prosthetic arm to help him make the prototype.

"Tenet wanted to draw tattoos with an arm that he’d never used for that before, and I thought it was a great idea to mechanize a prosthetic," Gonzal told the news site. "The aim was to fix the tattoo machine to an aesthetic version of his prosthetic arm."

Gonzal began by attaching the tattoo machine to the arm. He made sure that it was moveable a full 360 degrees, and ensured that the tattoo machine’s electric cord didn't create any problem with the actual tattooing process.

Gonzal said that he used parts from a record player and sewing machine to craft the bionic arm.

Tenet's shoulder moves the arm/tattoo machine, but he is hoping to create a future version that will give him wrist and finger movements.

"What started out as a sculpture is now something that I can use," Tenet told VICE. "[Gonzal and I] understood that we didn’t have to recreate a hand as a prosthetic; we just had to create a tool that is better than a hand."

Sources: VICE, JC Sheitan Tenet/Facebook / Photo credit: JC Sheitan Tenet/Facebook

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