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Is This Tank Top Too Revealing to Work Out In? Planet Fitness Seems to Think So

A teenager was working out in a Planet Fitness gym when a female employee told her that her outfit was making others uncomfortable. Allison Roth, 17, was given two options: cover up, or leave.

Roth, who says she was working out in a tank top, was upset by the situation. She left the Waterford Township gym and has since cancelled her membership.

She has stated that she was never informed of any dress code policy when she signed up for the gym membership.

“This obviously isn’t a judgment free zone and I’d like to spend my money elsewhere,” Roth said of the chain which, ironically enough, boasts “judgment free zone” as its slogan.

News of the story spread quickly: within 24 hours, the story had generated nearly 2,000 comments on Fox 2’s Facebook page. Most of the commenters agreed with Roth, stating that the tank top covered her appropriately and that she shouldn’t have received any negative attention for wearing it.

Michael Bloomquist, owner of the Powerhouse Gym in Clinton Township, took it upon himself to remedy the situation by offering her a lifetime membership to his gym. Roth will have access to the gym at any time, as well the freedom to participate in any of the classes offered at the gym.

“I truly believe in a judgment-free zone when you work out. I don’t care if you’re 80 years old or 17 years old. You should be able to wear what you want and enjoy what you’re doing and reap the benefits of health and fitness,” Bloomquist said.

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