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Talk Show Host Paul de Leeuw Breastfeeds From Female Guest (Video)

During a broadcast of the Dutch TV show "Langs de Leeuw" on Saturday night, host Paul de Leeuw was discussing breastfeeding with several female guests (video below).

According to, the women are part of a charity that shares breast milk among other women.

One of the women offered him a bottle of breast milk, but the wacky host asked to drink from a real breast.

A woman named "Wendy" told Leeuw: "Well, if you don't bite, you may try it," reports the Daily Mail.

She lifted up her shirt, removed a breast pump and bared her breasts.

The talk show host began sucking on her nipples to the great delight of the studio audience.

“I find the second one better tasting, but I can taste that you’ve eaten asparagus yesterday,” said Leeuw.

Source: and Daily Mail



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