Talk-Show Guests Almost Convince Dr. Oz HCG Diet Works


Celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz said on a recent episode of his talk show that he believes the HCG diet merits further investigation. While he admits that there’s no medical proof this diet works, his guests’ success stories make him think there’s definitely something worth checking out about the HCG diet.

One of Dr. Oz’s guests was Dr. Sheri Emma, who regularly prescribes the HCG diet. She’s a proponent of such a fast-paced diet because of the obesity epidemic. “Sooner we can get people to their goals where they’re healthy, the better off we are,” she said. She also told viewers that even though the diet seems restrictive – it limits dieters to just 500 calories a day – dieters are also living off their stores of body fat, and therefore, according to her, they aren’t starving.

Dr. Emma brought some of her patients to the Dr. Oz show to share their success stories. Lisa said she lost 15 pounds in three weeks and kept it off. She was hungry for only the first two days, then she learned to fill up on greens and water; she also said she had much more energy on the diet than off it.

Mary Jo lost 30 pounds in six weeks. Like all the patients of Dr. Emma who appeared on the show, she said she suffered no side effects: in fact, she said, her persistent headaches vanished once she began taking HCG.

Dr. Emma charges $800 for a six-week HCG diet program. First, she takes down her patients’ complete medical history, does a complete blood panel, checks hormone and vitamin levels, and discusses any preexisting medical issues. She then talks to them about all the diets they may have been on in the past, and what hasn’t worked for them. Finally, she analyzes their body composition and takes their measurements: these two steps are important for tracking their progress on the diet. Patients take one shot of HCG daily: patient Michelle was shown injecting the hormone into her stomach fat.

Chicago radio DJ Nina Chantele also appeared on the show. She wasn’t a patient of Dr. Emma’s: she took homeopathic HCG drops three times a day, and lost 50 pounds, which she has so far kept off. Dr. Emma said she doesn’t prescribe drops, since to be labeled homeopathic medicine, they have to have such small amounts of the hormone that they will probably not work as well as full-strength shots.

Even heart doctor Sanjiv Patel tried the HCG diet: he said he believed the risks of obesity were greater than the risks of HCG.

Dr. Oz did invite some guests who suffered side effects: one woman said she had passed out, in addition to her menstrual cycle stopping for four months. Another said she suffered hair loss and nausea. The rest of the guests, however, baffled Dr. Oz, who said he had done a lot of research to debunk this diet: the fact that his guests had lost a combined total of 800 pounds gave him pause for thought.

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