Would You Let Your Teen Attend "Marijuana University"?


For years, you've put money into your child's college fund. But what if your Ivy-League dreams are crushed by the announcement that your teen has decided to attend "Marijuana U"?

So-called "marijuana universities" are popping up all over the country, designed to teach future medicinal-marijuana entrepreneurs everything there is to know about growing and harvesting cannabis, from the economics behind it all to the agricultural science of taking it from seed to plant. Imagine classes fully dedicated to the history of pot ... not exactly what you had in mind for "higher education," right? (Pun intended.)

In June, Colorado certified the first "marijuana university" in the nation: Greenway University. Students there can take courses on how to run a dispensary, how to manage patients, how to start up a delivery service and how to properly grow medical-grade marijuana.

Moms, would you let your child study at a marijuana university?


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