Take Yourself to Self’s Workout in the Park

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Fit bottoms abound at Self's Workout in the Park!

My mom was visiting over the weekend, so we went into NYC for a day of fun on Saturday, hitting up Self magazine’s annual Workout in the Park event while we were there. I already knew Self rocked, but the size and energy of this event was really inspiring.

With workout sessions running all day, attendees could exercise their little hearts out trying fun classes. Add in some fun freebies from participating companies—and the fact that half the proceeds go to charities (Cancer and Careers and Susan G. Komen for the Cure)—and the event is a winner.

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That's me in the center in the blue, "sexy" stretching.

Group exercise classes always get me pumped. And when you take that fun group dynamic and add it to loud, pumping music and a gorgeous day in Central Park, you’ve got an FBG-approved and recommended exercise experience. Had I not had limited time at the event, I would have totally worked out all day, trying all of the cool classes. Instead, I was limited to the “sexy stretch” warm-up session. Unfortunately, my mom documented it, so I have video proof that my hips have no rhythm. While I will not be posting that video here (ha, you wish!), I will share a short clip of one of the smaller workout sessions. This Reebok instructor rocks.

Can’t see the video? Click here for a short clip of a workout at Self’s Workout in the Park!

Events in NYC and San Francisco are over, but if you’re in Chicago, you’ve still got time to sign up for the May 21 event. You’ll have to let us know if you love it, too! —Erin


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