Take the Prevent-A-Pact with Strokey the Penguin

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We've all heard of promise rings and virginity pledges. If you're like me, you might not be into wearing rings or the idea that sex should only happen within the confines of a monogamous heterosexual marriage. For folks like us, I am proud to present the Prevent-A-Pact. By taking the pact, you'll be agreeing to use contraception if you are having sex and want to avoid an unintended pregnancy. 

For many folks, contraception is pricey - so pricey that some of us don't use it even when we want to. The Obama Administration is currently examing whether the new healthcare law can be used to require insurance plans to offer contraceptives free of charge. They'll make their final decision in August. So, this pact calls upon these decision-makers to require insurance companies to provide contraception without co-pays. Contraception is prevention, after all. Who says the best things in life can't be free?


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